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Tim Nguyen

VACOC Vice Chair

Business Relationship Manager

Wells Fargo Bank

Tim is an accomplished professional with a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona. He discovered his inclination toward the sales and marketing domain, prompting a transition to Wells Fargo Bank, where he excelled as a personal and then business banker. There he embraced the challenges and rewards of aiding businesses in their growth. Tim left banking to start an aftermarket automotive accessories manufacturer in North American division as director of Sales and Marketing. He designed, trademarked, patented, manufactured, marketed and distributed unpresedented automotive aftermarket accessories resulted winning 2016 SEMA first place for best interior accessories as well as 3 global media awards.

Tim returned to Wells Fargo as a business relationship manager where he has helped local businesses leverage complex financial tools to achieve their financial goals. Tim joined the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce with a mission to extend his expertise to the local community. Recognizing that traditions and myths, hinder the profitability and legacy-building of smaller business owners, Tim set out to increase financial acumen in the community.

Outside of the professional world, he competed in an Ironman 70.3 and embraces outdoor activities. Whether it’s a hike or off the grid camping, he will have his camera with him to capture life’s moment and the night sky. When he’s at home, he enjoys working on his personal projects whether it’s a tiki bar or an ambitious pond project with a West World and Avatar theme filled with special effects and animatronics…work in progress 😀.