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Corporate Sponsorship Tiers

  CAB (Corporate Advisory Board) GOLD DIAMOND PLATINUM
and up
and up
and up
1 CAB membership X X X X
2 Participation at CAB (Corporate Advisory Board) meetings X X X X
3 Corporate membership pricing on events X X X X
4 Logo on Website, Marketing, Emails, SMS campaigns, Mobile App and Social Media X X X X
5 Exhibit tables for all major events. X X X
6 Event Program Participation If available X X
7 Event Program Hosting If available If available
8 Logo on Website, Website (dedicated page), Marketing, Emails, SMS campaigns, Mobile App (dedicated link) and Social Media (dedicated campaign) X
9 Event Title Sponsor X
10 Custom Programming and Reporting X
11 Seats at GALA event 1 4 8
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(2 Tables)