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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The VACOC’s mission is to promote the development of business and trade for its members by creating a platform for businesses of all sizes to meet, discuss and share ideas on topics to help stimulate growth locally and globally, while considering the interests of our community.


The VACOC’s vision is to deliver Value to its members through Advocacy, Commerce and Outreach in Collaboration with community organizations and businesses to advance education, philanthropy and economic growth.


To achieve the VACOC’s mission and vision, the VACOC endeavors to:

        Promote business transactions, trade and investment between Vietnamese Americans and other communities worldwide.
        Deliver quality services to our members through events, education, workshops, business networking and collaborations.
        Promote the interests of our members through collaborations with external organizations by highlighting “best practices” and shared resources.
        Encourage interactions among our members to enhance exchange in the community through business services, philanthropic work, and public affairs.
        Develop competency and understanding of the Vietnamese American culture.