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Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce Board Member Appointed as Honorary Ambassador by KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)

Local business and community leader recognized for promoting trade and investment between Korea and the U.S.

The Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce (VACOC) is proud to announce that one of its board members, Alexander Kim, has been appointed as an Honorary Ambassador by the Korea Trade Promotion Agency (KOTRA), a Ministry of Trade-Industry-Energy of the Republic of Korea.

As an Honorary Ambassador, Alexander Kim will serve as a bridge between Korea and the U.S., facilitating trade and investment opportunities and enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation. Alexander Kim is one of only two Honorary Ambassadors in the U.S. (West Coast and East Coast) and one of eight in the world.

Alexander Kim is the founder and CEO of Three Kings Public Affairs, a successful company that provides community & government access to businesses, chambers of commerce, trades, unions, governments/agencies, community based organizations, non-profits & faith-based in Southern California. He is also an active member of the VACOC, a nonprofit organization that represents and supports Vietnamese American businesses in the region. He has been instrumental in organizing and participating in various events and initiatives that foster economic and cultural ties between Southeast Asia and the U.S., such as trade missions, business forums, cultural festivals and educational programs.

“We congratulate Alexander on this prestigious appointment,” said Thanh Pham, incoming Chairperson of the VACOC. “He  is a valuable asset to our organization and a role model for Vietnamese-American and Korean-American entrepreneurs. He  exemplifies our mission to promote diversity, inclusion and collaboration in the global marketplace. We are confident that he will make a positive impact as an Honorary Ambassador.”

The VACOC is a nonprofit organization that represents and supports Vietnamese American businesses. The VACOC aims to empower its members by providing them with networking, education, advocacy and access to resources. The VACOC also strives to foster economic and cultural exchange between Vietnamese American communities and other stakeholders in the local and global markets. Read the full interview article from Invest Korea’s LinkedIn page:

As you embark on this new chapter, Official Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce (VACOC) want to express our utmost admiration for your accomplishments and our unwavering support for your endeavors. No no doubt that your journey as the Ambassador for KOTRA will have numerous milestones and achievements.